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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Ranger Station at the Upemba National Park sits on a ridge overlooking thousands of square miles of miombo woodlands and rolling hills of grassy savanna. 

Below the Great House that looks like a scene from Tara and Gone With the Wind is the grave of the wife of a former Superintnendant who held sway in Colonial times. 

Her grieving husband buried her above a panorama as stunning as anything in Out of Africa. 

Just now we stood on the edge of the bluff beside the ruined great house and watched a small herd of zebra, tragically the last of the thousands than once roamed free. 

The burned out Superintendants home was bustling with about 125 school students of all grades divided into 5 classes. One tall grey haired student from Alaska stood out from the group.The kids allow me to sit with them on low, hard benches in the bare room while the young girl, with baby on her hip, teaches

There were no books in sight but eager children jumped and waved hoping to be called upon to take up chalk and answer the questions on the ragged blackboard.

The “Directeur” or Principal “Mathieu” (Matthew) Mujinga n'goy was born and raised here. For many years he was a naturalist guide, a fellow of high energy and good spirits

School girls carry boxes of tablets and writing materials recently donated by an Italian NGO

At the door of the minimally  supplied school supplies room some UNICEF supplies are turned over to the teachers to their great delight 

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