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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

(sorry dear reader, bear with me as I figure out the basics, for example that this is not supposed to be one long narrative as I began, rather short, perhaps frequent postings, I get it now---)

Our most capable co-chair Jean Pierre D'huart from Belgium engaged with the press corps of about 20 from TV and radio. Their questions dealing with important issues like carbon sequestration, biodiversity, medical values of plants, sustainability and so forth revealed a surprising level of awareness of the global issues before us as we attempt to protect and  restore these biodiversity hot spots. The Kundelungu and Upemba National Parks were left in a shambles after many years of war.

The plenary session will begin after the press release and we will see about 40 delegates convened by a ministerial representative of President Kabila  from Kinshasa. The country and the world is watching and listening. This process has all the ingredients of a "cause celeb", can the richest country in Africa with the poorest people restore their glorious park system, consisting of 5 World Heritage Sites   

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